Ballwin is a suburb of St. Louis that is located in St Louis County, Missouri, in the United States. Ballwin has been voted one of America’s best places to live according to Money Magazine; in 2005 and 2011. It prides itself as the only city in America with that name. The city boasts about 31,283 inhabitants and offers a variety of services and programmes to them. The city has a distinct blend of strengthening relationships between business and community while promoting and facilitating commercial development.
Ballwin is surrounded by major universities and colleges which are just 30 minutes drive away from the city. It is also home to many schools within the Parkway school district and Claymont, Parkway South middle school and Parkway west high school. Apart from the Parkway school district, the city also contains schools within Rockwood school district including middle and elementary schools.

Ballwin MO real estate locations pride themselves on their many side attractions and leisure places, as well as personalized business and shopping outlets. The city has two full gymnasiums, indoor tracks, meeting rooms as well as other facilities that serve both for personal and family fun and leisure. There is also a golf course available with a nine hole facility, home to a former world champion. Ballwin MO real estate has plenty of greenery around, there being major five parks; Vlasis Park being the chief amongst them all.
The population of the city of Ballwin is spread out among different age groups. People of age 65 and above are about 12%, children under the age of 18 account for about 25% , while people of within the ages of 19 to 44 years making up 63% of the total population. The per capita income of the city is about $29,520 and 3.2% of the entire population of Ballwin living below the poverty line.



If you are trying to get a home in Ballwin real estate areas, it is very important to get a good agent. Getting the right agent helps find you homes that are for sale that match your specifications and it can also help you with the sales negotiation process. There are many Ballwin real estate agents. It is ideal to get one that will guide you through the process of buying or renting a house, and not just try sell to you. In choosing a real estate agent in Ballwin, there are some pretty obvious factors to be considered in order ensure that you get that right agent. Thorough research and a self tour around the area of interest in Ballwin can help you locate Ballwin homes for sale sign posts. In locating these sign posts, you can ascertain the agents or companies that appear more often, they may be worth checking out. It is also advisable to check online for ratings and reviews concerning real estate agents and companies. Comments from other customers give you a fair idea of their experience with such agents and guide you on who to choose- and who to avoid! It will obviously be ideal for you to go for agents with very high quality reviews and comments. Interview different agents to find out how much they know about the area. This will help in choosing the right agent in Ballwin too, and ensure you are not misled. Asking specific questions about their experience in your specific area of search, and how much your search will be prioritised, will help you to choose between the numerous Ballwin real estate agents.


Demand for Ballwin MO real estate has been on the rise over recent years. Ballwin, MO real estate is situated right in the heart of an area of rich natural beauty, in the centre of the mid-western part of the United States. For people who love nature, real estate in Ballwin will always be a dream residential destination. Investing in Ballwin MO real estate can be very attractive. The location of Ballwin has always been of interest to people from different walks of life. The natural attractions and leisure parks have also made the available lifestyle desirable. With a triple “A” rating, and having being voted best place to live in America twice, is certainly a reputation that would endear anyone looking for an ideal place to live. Most people looking for real estate consider the location, neighbourhood and the demand for housing as top priorities. Ballwin homes for sale tick a lot of the boxes.
Another factor that has made Ballwin, MO real estate so enticing is the surrounding infrastructure and closeness to other parts of the country. With 2 major airports around and the busiest rail centres, getting to any other part of the country can be achieved with ease. Most people in the area buy land and houses for residential purposes but some also purchase for camping, hunting and holiday homes. Ballwin Mo real estate properties are quite affordable and taxes are at favorable levels; very reasonable taxation system. It is important that interested investors in Ballwin real estate properties deal with tried and tested agents who guarantee the best locations, and tackle all legal issues involved with speed and integrity. Purchasing a property in Ballwin MO real estate is affordable and makes for judicious spending of your hard earned cash.



If you are looking for condos to buy or rent, there are condos in Ballwin that could be your dream destination. Being within distance of work and leisure is of utmost importance to most people these days; it ensures a better lifestyle and costs less than long commutes in terms of both time and money.  Ballwin Condos for sale provide this luxury. Looking through Ballwin condos for sale can be exciting if you are fully prepared to buy or rent now. Adhering to a few tips will help make it even more exhilarating. For example, neighbours are an integral part of your life when living in condos. This makes it necessary to talk to prospective neighbours and make sure you feel comfortable among them- Before moving in! You should also check the maintenance rules of the condo you want to purchase. It is important that you know what your responsibilities are, and if you can cope with them financially. If you have any particular amenities you are interested in, it is important to talk to your agents about them and find the best match possible among the various Ballwin condos for sale. By finding a competent Ballwin real estate agent you can get an informed view of the location and the amenities and thusly ensure that the condo you end up purchasing meets all your specifications… or as many as darned possible.



Chesterfield is the largest city located in the west St Louis County of Missouri. It is a suburb with a population of about 47,000. The city boasts many attractions like Faust Park, a historical village, walking trail and other enticing and historical sites. Chesterfield also benefits from a quality transportation system including the Metro that connects it to other parts of St. Louis and the Spirit of St. Louis airport. Often people will schools in the neighbourhood in which they are looking to reside. There are a number of elementary schools, 2+ high schools and a fantastic private high school. In addition, there is a college and a standard library. All these combine to give Chesterfield real estate all the elements to be worth investing in. Chesterfield estate is host to some fine apartments and condominiums, sitting on lush wooded landscapes. The styles range from Tudor French, contemporary and colonial. Chesterfield estate properties also enjoy leisure and beauty spots, such as swimming pools, private lakes and clubhouses. A Chesterfield real estate property can be acquired through a lease option agreement, contacting agents and calling the “for sale by owners” (FSBO). Another way to grab a bargain is speak with estate investors who renovate homes. They are often flexible on their terms of sale. It is important that you speak to various agents so that you get the best value for money, and truly understand the variety of offerings on the market.