Des Peres Real Estate

Now is a great time to buy real estate. Home prices are lower than they have been in years and interest rates are the lowest they have been in almost six decades. Whether you are a first time home buyer, someone looking to purchase their forever home or an investor looking for rental property, there are many great reasons to look at buying real estate in Des Peres, MO. Des Peres is an upscale community where the median household income in 2009 was $116,124, which is much higher than the state median income of $45,229. The median price of homes sold in 2011 was slightly higher than $400,000, which is more than double the state median price of homes sold. Over 95 percent of the 25 year and older population has at least a high school degree, and just over 62 percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher. And crime in this area is low; the crime rate is approximately 33 percent lower in Des Peres than the national average.   These are all great reasons you should be looking for Des Peres, MO homes for sale.

Des Peres MLS

When looking for Des Peres, Missouri houses for sale, it is important you work with a reputable real estate agent. If you need help finding a real estate agent, can help. Real estate agents have access to Des Peres MLS listings, or Multiple Listing Service, to help you find the perfect home. When a home is put on the market by a realtor, it gets listed in the MLS system, which allows other realtors and agencies to find the property and show it to potential buyers. A good real estate agent will check the MLS system for a list of Des Peres properties for sale daily. They can then alert you, the potential buyer, to homes that have recently been put on the market that may appeal to you, or to homes that have recently dropped their prices. It can also help when negotiating prices, as the agent can quickly see if a new home comes on the market at a lower price, and use that to possibly negotiate the price of a home down lower. If you do not work with a real estate agent, you will not have access to MLS listings, and therefore may miss out on key price drops or new inventory. This can cause you to lose out on the home of your dreams or a great real estate deal.

Homes for Sale in Des Peres, MO

Des Peres, MO is a relatively small city with a population of right around 8000 people, according to the 2010 census. Because of the size and desirability of the city, there are not a lot of homes for sale in Des Peres, MO at any given time. In fact, in 2011, the average number of homes sold per month was right around 20. However, this does not mean that your search for the perfect home has to be difficult or time consuming. A real estate agent can help you find Des Peres real estate for sale, narrowing down exactly what it is you are looking for and keeping your price range in mind. Whether you are looking for new or existing construction, the agent can keep you abreast of what the Des Peres housing market is doing, what is new on the market and what is being reduced, which will allow you to find and act quickly on the home you are looking for.

Land For Sale Des Peres

Due to the fact that Des Peres, MO homes for sale can be very limited at times, you may decide to go a different route. Rather than looking for a home for sale in Des Peres, you may decide to purchase land and build your own home. This is a great way to ensure you have the home of your dreams and that the home meets all of your specifications. Some people purposely decide to go this route from the beginning. They know they want something unique or one-of-a-kind and know that building it from the ground up is the only way to get this. However, others sort of fall into it. They look for homes and are either unable to find what it is they are looking for or unable to wait around until what they want goes on the market.  They then get the idea to purchase land and build what they want. Regardless of whether you plan for it or fall into it, purchasing land and building what you want can be a great alternative to looking for homes for sale in Des Peres, MO.

Condos For Sale Des Peres

If you thought the market for Des Peres, Missouri houses for sale sounded competitive, you should see the condos for sale in Des Peres. The condos in this community are few and far between and rarely come on the market. Because this community is so affluent, you often see young professionals scoop these listings up quickly. Many young professionals do not have the time to care for a yard, keep up on their outside maintenance or want a large home to clean when it is only them or them and their spouse. However, they want to live in a wonderful, safe and inviting community filled with other successful people and professionals. This is what draws them to Des Peres.  Because the condo market is so hot, it is imperative that you work with a real estate agent who can check the list of Des Peres properties for sale and alert you when a new condo is listed. Without this help, you could find yourself left out in the cold and unable to get into a condo in Des Peres.

Kirkwood Real Estate

As you may have figured out by now, real estate in Des Peres, MO can be difficult to come by at times. For those who are drawn to the community but unable to find the right home for them, there is an alternative. Kirkwood, MO is a similar community just ten miles away from Des Peres, MO. They are both very affluent communities which boast above average incomes, home prices and below average crime, unemployment and foreclosure rates. Looking at both Kirkwood and Des Peres real estate for sale is a great way to widen your search area and ultimately find the home you are after in a great community.

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