Ellisville, MO Real Estate

Ellisville, MO is an affordable, middle-class, western suburb of St. Louis. The estimated median household income in 2009 was $67,188, which is a little higher than the median income of the state for the same time period at $45,229.  The median price of homes sold in 2011 was right around $220,000 with about 50 homes being sold every month. Ellisville is a very family orientated community. It is a safe community, with reported crime being 70 percent lower than the national average, with two great elementary schools and 1 junior high school, parks and family-friendly activities. The community is also home to more than 500 businesses, meaning you will never have to travel far for shopping, entertainment or a good meal. It is no wonder that so many families are looking to find homes for sale in Ellisville, MO.

Ellisville, MO Real Estate and Home for Sale

Ellisville’s population is currently on the rise. More and more families are deciding to call the city home and as such, there are less Ellisville homes for sale than in other areas. Although this area has seen a slight decline in home prices over the past five years, it has not been hit all that hard, considering the national average. Although there was an initial decline in 2009, prices have remained fairly steady since then and have been showing signs of improving lately. So if you are considering buying real estate in Ellisville, Missouri, now would be a great time to start looking. Interest rates are low, housing prices in this area are still relatively low, but are stable and showing signs of an increase. Get in now before housing prices rise in Ellisville and you potentially find yourself priced out of the market.

Real Estate Agents in Ellisville, MO

When searching for Ellisville houses for sale, it is always important that you hire a local real estate agent to assist you. If you need help locating an agent, HomeFinderSTL.com can help. A local agent knows the area well, which means they know the market for the area well. This knowledge can keep you from overpricing or underpricing a home offer or overpaying on the home. A real estate agent can also help you sort through the hundreds of listings and narrow your search to only those houses that fit your budget and what you are looking for. They can also keep you up-to-date on new listings, new prices drops and new short sales and foreclosures in the area. All of this helps ensure you get the home you want at the best possible price, with you putting in as little effort as possible. Focus on your job, your family, or whatever else you like and let your real estate agent in Ellisville, MO find the right Ellisville, MO home for sale for you.

Schools in Ellisville

Ellisville, MO real estate is zoned for the Rockwood School District. The district features 19 elementary schools, six middle schools and four high schools. Two of those elementary schools, Ridge Meadows and Ellisville, are located in Ellisville, MO.  These schools teach kindergarten through fifth grade to approximately 1200 Ellisville children. One of the middle schools, Crestview Middle, is also located in Ellisville. This school teaches approximately 1200 sixth through eighth graders. While there is no high school currently in Ellisville, most of the students attend school at Lafayette High School, in Chesterfield, MO.  The Rockwood School District ranks well nationally and has several schools that have won blue and gold ribbons of national achievement for their academic success. Anyone looking at Ellisville MO homes for sale should rest assured that they are picking a great school district for their children.

Parks in Ellisville

If you are looking for Ellisville, MO homes for sale, you are likely wondering about the parks in Ellisville. Ellisville has a great park system which features seven developed parks, and two parks which are waiting to grow. Bluebird Park is the largest park featuring an aquatic center, playground, tennis courts, pavilions, softball fields, disc golf course, amphitheater, picnic area and multiple walking, hiking and running trails. There are also many community programs which take place here, such as swim lessons, tennis lessons and walking groups. Bob White Park, Meadowlark Park, Mockingbird Park and Oak Hollow Park are all small neighborhood parks which feature playgrounds, basketball courts and barbeques. The parks are a great place for children to play or to throw a family get together or party. Cardinal Park and Hummingbird Park all feature multi-use trails and open, natural park space where you can have a picnic, throw a baseball, kick a soccer ball or just enjoy the nice weather. Red Tail Hawk Park and Robin Park are currently undeveloped plots of land which will one day house parks or trails. The parks and trails available are a highlight when looking at Ellisville, MO Real Estate.

Restaurants in Ellisville

When looking to purchase an Ellisville, MO home for sale, you want to know what amenities and businesses you have close by. For most people, a key component is restaurants. You want to ensure you have a wide variety of restaurants close by for both entertainment purposes and out of necessity. Sometimes you are running behind or too busy to cook and you need something fast, and other times you want to relax and have lunch or dinner with a friend or loved one. Regardless of what situation you may find yourself in, Ellisville has a restaurant to fill that need. The city has over 70 restaurants. Some are fast food, some are chain restaurants and others are small, local restaurants. But, with a good variety of both American and international cuisine, you are sure to find something you will enjoy, regardless of your food mood.

Real estate in Ellisville Missouri is on the rise for good reason. It appeals to those looking to start a family, to those who already have a family or for those looking to live in a safe community surrounded by parks and local shops. While real estate may be a bleak spot in certain parts of the country, it is remaining steady and showing signs of growth in Ellisville. For those looking to purchase a home, now is a great time to find homes for sale in Ellisville, MO.

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