Ladue Homes For Sale

Many of the Ladue MO homes for sale are stunning. They are typically large homes, on large lots and feature beautiful detail and architecture. The majority of Ladue houses for sale are custom built or one-of-a-kind homes. You will not find cookie cutter homes or builders who build an entire sub-division of homes and then sell them. These homes are unique and individualized. Therefore, it is extremely important to work with a real estate company or someone who knows real estate, like  They can narrow down the list of available homes based on your price range and preferences and find the right home for you. And if the right home for you is not out there, they can work with a builder to build you a custom home with your desired specifications in mind. The real estate agent can also help you submit a bid on the home, negotiate the price or negotiate free or discounted options in a custom home.

Real Estate Agents in Ladue

Due to the fact that so many Ladue homes for sale are custom built or new builds, people think they can cut out the middle man, otherwise known as real estate agents. They think a real estate agent isn’t needed as they can deal with the builder themselves. However, this could not be any further from the truth. To begin with, a Ladue real estate agent can help you find new construction. Since these are not sub-divisions, the new construction is often not advertised to the public, but rather listed solely on MLS. Therefore, realtors and their clients will likely find it and purchase it long before someone not working with a realtor locates it. Secondly, people do not realize that you can negotiate the price of new construction homes. Sometimes you can negotiate the price itself, and other times, depending on the stage of construction the home is in, you can negotiate free or discounted upgrades, such as upgraded granite countertops, upgraded carpet or hardwood flooring or more expensive cabinetry. It is important to always work with a realtor to get the best deal possible.

Parks in Ladue, MO

If you are looking to purchase Ladue, MO real estate, you may be interested to know about the parks. Unfortunately, Ladue only has one park. However, it is quite a park. Tilles Park is a completely handicap accessible park, one of the few in the St. Louis area. It features a playground with slides, a twisty slide, see-saw, swings and monkey bars.   The park also features tennis courts, multiple benches and a picnic area. Because it is the only park in town, it is well maintained and cared for. In addition to the one park, the city is also home to four country clubs, which all feature golf courses, swimming pools and other recreation for members. These country clubs are St. Louis Country Club, Old Warson Country Club, Log Cabin Country Club and Bogey Golf Club. Many people who purchase Ladue, MO real estate typically have a country club membership or purchase one soon thereafter.

Schools in Ladue, Missouri

?Many people decide to find homes for sale in Ladue, MO due to the school system.  All Ladue, MO real estate is zoned for the Ladue School District, which is in the top two percent of public school districts in the nation. The school district has four elementary schools, teaching children in grades kindergarten through fifth. Two of those schools, Conway Elementary and Reed Elementary are located in Ladue. The only middle school and high school in the district is also located in Laude. The middle school, Laude Middle School, is home to children in sixth through eighth grades and the high school, Ladue Horton Watkins High School, is home to ninth through twelfth graders. In addition to the public schools, Ladue has two private high schools; Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School and John Burroughs School. With such great and highly rated schools, it is easy to see why parents would flock to a Ladue, MO home for sale.

Ladue News

The name of the local paper in Ladue, MO is the “Ladue News.” The local paper is a great place to begin looking if you are interested in finding Ladue MO homes for sale. The local real estate listings will give you an idea on price, how much real estate is available and how quickly homes are moving or sitting on the market. Once you get serious about finding a home and are pre-approved for a loan, a real estate agent or a company such as can help you narrow down your search and find exactly what you are looking for. The realtor will take the time to search all of the listings for you, so you no longer have to take the time to find them yourself. Looking yourself is a great way to get started, narrow down your potential real estate locations and get a good idea as to what is out there, but hiring a realtor allows you to get serious and find  Ladue houses for sale quicker.

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