Lake St Louis, MO Homes for Sale

Lake St Louis is a community in the St Charles County, located in the state of Missouri U.S.A.  It is among the planned communities of the USA being that it was carefully developed from a region that was formerly undeveloped. 

Geographically, this country stands at an elevation of 564 ft. (172 m). It covers a total area of around 8.3 sq. mi (21.6 Km2) with a land mass of 7.5 sq. mi (19.4Km2) and water mass of 0.8 sq. mi (2.2 Km2). As at the 2010 census, the Lake Saint Louis population was estimated at 14, 545 and a density of 1888.0/sq. mi or 728.1/Km2.

Below are some of the wonderful amenities that Lake St. Louis and the surrounding area has to offer:

  • The Butterfly House and Education Center (A collection of thousands of live tropical butterflies in a glass conservatory)
  • The Family Arena (for constant Music, Comedy Shows, Sports and concerts)
  • First Missouri State Capitol (The former legislative house before the current one was set up in Jefferson City.)
  • Foundry Art Centre (A place where historic and even present can be seen)
  • George Denninger Gallery (A Collection of Amazing Artwork)
  • Harrah’s Casino (One of the biggest casinos in the area housing two exciting gaming centers)
  • Historic St. Charles (The only remaining street in the Area from the 1800)
  • J. Scheidegger Centre for the Arts (Center for cultural events)
  • Katy Trail bike Path (A Bike path with a smooth Scenic pebble trail)
  • Mid-West Helicopter tours (A guided tour where one can get to see a scenic view of the city)
  • Missouri Bluffs Golf Club (A Par-71 golf club, the best in the Area)
  • Native Traditions Gallery and the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

With this list, a resident has a lot of places to go. This equally makes Lake St. Louis an interesting place to live.  The town also has highly stocked shops where one can get just about anything needed at any given time. Some of these shops are, The Meadows, Sears Hometown Store, Promise Center, etc.

If you are looking for Lake Saint Louis Mo homes for sale, your options are many. You can find new homes, old homes, and those that were built in the earliest century. You can find 3 bedroom buildings with 3 baths, 4 bedroom buildings with 5 baths, 3 Bedroom Buildings with three baths etc. Prices range from $100,000 to $1,000,000+ with many homes prices very attractively. Prices will also be different based on where you are buying. lists all Lake Saint Louis MO homes for sale that are in the MLS.

Lake St Louis waterfront homes for sale

Water front homes are usually expensive, reason being that they generally consume a lot in construction so as to be livable. At completion though, these homes look much more elegant than the traditional landlocked buildings.  Apart from the ambience and the serene atmosphere that comes with water front homes, there are some health benefits that have been linked to living in these homes.

Firstly, the owner of the home can always go out into the open for a dose of Vitamin D from the sun without having to move far away. This is not true with landlocked homes as the sun is either shaded by nearby buildings or the individual gets disturbed by activities around him.

Secondly, nothing beats a natural water body when it comes to swimming. No matter how well a swimming pool is built and designed, it will always remain an artificial water body. With the natural water body, there will be no need for water treatments etc. and with regular swimming; the individual can maintain cardiovascular fitness. Therefore, a water front home not only gives you a holiday like atmosphere every day, it keeps you healthy.

Lake St Louis Waterfronts homes that are for sale are listed around the web, as can be found on Prices vary from $500,000 to $2,000,000.

Lake St Louis real estate

From the population of Lake St Louis alone one can already know what to expect from the lake Louis real estate sector. While it is not really, a big one compared to other cities, the industry is one that is thriving continuously, with all forms of buildings on offer. From high cost housing to low cost housing, there are lots of them available.

Lake St. Louis Schools

Being part of what is usually considered before purchasing a home, it is important we mention some Lake St. Louis Schools. For the primary and secondary schools, there is the Wentzville R-IV Public School which offers high quality education. There are equally private schools like the following:  Hope Montessori Academy which is a preschool, the Andrews Academy and the Oak Haven Montessori School. For Lake St. Louis Higher education schools, these are the things available: Fontbonne College, Harris-Stowe State College, Lewis & Clark Vocational Technical School, Lindenwood University, Logan College of Chiropractic, Maryville University, Missouri Baptist College, St. Charles County Community College, St. Louis Community College, St. Charles College of Pharmacy, St. Louis University, Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, University of Missouri at St. Louis, Washington University, Webster University and East Central College.

These schools are scattered all around the community with a few more located in nearby communities like O’Fallon, Dardenne and Wentzville thus ensuring that your children and wards get the best education without having to travel far away.

With the real estate search function at you will get the best home for you at any given time.

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