Wildwood, Missouri Real Estate

If you are looking for Wildwood real estate for sale, you likely want to know about the area you are looking to buy in. The city of Wildwood, Missouri is located on the western part of St. Louis County, in the suburbs of St. Louis.  The city became incorporated in 1995 and according to the 2010 census bureau, has approximately 32,884 residents and 11,000 households.  And while the population may be relatively small, the size of the city is not. Based on size alone, the city is the third largest in the state. This makes the city rural and country-like. Homes have a lot of space and acreage and homes are not built on top of one another. Your neighbors are generally a good distance from you. The area is an upper middle-class area, with the 2010 median income of its residents topping $112,000, which is more than double the median income for the state at just above $45,000.  The city also boasts low unemployment and crime rates and high education rates when compared to the national averages. These are some of the top reasons people look for Wildwood, MO homes for sale.

Property For Sale Wildwood, MO

When people think of real estate in Wildwood, MO, or property for sale, they typically think of homes for sale in Wildwood, MO. However, that is not the only type of property for sale in Wildwood, MO. There is also commercial buildings, land and condos that are for sale. However, since homes are the most popular type of property for sale, that is where we will start. The average median price for a home sold in 2011 was right around $260,000. This is lower than the peak median price in late 2006 of $310,000, but higher than the five year low median price in 2010 of $225,000. Houses can take a while to sell in the area, with the average home sales being 10 per month in 2011. However, while the housing market has dipped a bit, the area hasn’t been hit hard by foreclosure. Less than 2% of the houses on the market are foreclosures. In addition to homes, lots are also commonly sold in Wildwood, MO. A lot can be purchased and used to build a custom home on, and the price varies widely based on acreage available, location and view. When looking for real estate in Wildwood, MO, it is important to consider all available real estate.

Condos For Sale Wildwood, MO

There are many condos on the market right now in Wildwood, MO. People decide to buy condos for several reasons. Many may begin their property search by looking at Wildwood, Missouri houses for sale. They may then become intimidated by the price of the home, or keeping up with such a large home and property for only them or them and their spouse. For these people, or young professionals looking to buy their first property, condos in Wildwood, MO are a great option. The condo allows you to buy a property and stop throwing rent money down the drain, but also allows you the freedom from upkeep that many who live in rentals or apartments enjoy. The property manager or HOA typically takes care of yards, shoveling snow from the sidewalk, community areas, such as pools and picnic areas throughout the condo complex and the outside of the home, such as repainting the condo. Although there is typically a monthly HOA fee for this service, many people would rather pay this fee than do the work themselves. Condos real estate in Wildwood, MO typically sell in the $100,000  to $200,000 range, and typically feature one bedroom, one bath or two bedroom, two bath condos. The one bedroom units typically have around 700 square feet per unit, with the two bedrooms having anywhere from 800 to 1200 square feet per unit.

Wildwood Real Estate Agents

Whether you are looking to buy Wildwood, Missouri houses for sale, condos for sale or land for sale, A Wildwood real estate agent can help you. A real estate agent, or a company such as HomefinderSTL.com, can provide you with a current, up-to-date list of Wildwood properties for sale. Some people think that a real estate agent is not necessary when looking for real estate in Wildwood, MO, however, this could not be farther from the truth. While listings end up in the paper, these listing are sometimes submitted weeks in advance, and by the time they hit the paper, someone could have already made a bid on the home, or the price could have dropped and you do not even know it. There are also Internet sites which provide listings, but these listing depend on agents or home owners to update them to stay current. You have no idea whether a home listed on the Internet is still on the market, whether the price is still correct or whether the home has bids or offers.  A real estate agent is the person who can let you know all of this information. They stay up to date on new listings, price reductions and new foreclosures and can pass the information off to you, in hopes of finding you the perfect home.

Chesterfield, Missouri Real Estate

While you may start with the desire to find Wildwood, MO homes for sale, over time, you may wish to widen your search. Perhaps you are not finding the home you are looking for in Wildwood, MO, or maybe everything on the market is over your price range. Whatever, the reason, expanding your search area is a great way to increase the likelihood of finding the home of your dreams. If you are not finding real estate in Wildwood, MO that appeals to you, perhaps you should expand your search area to Chesterfield, Missouri. Chesterfield is less than seven miles from Wildwood, MO and is a very similar type of community. It is a middle class community with median incomes, and house values that are similar to Wildwood’s and low crime and unemployment rates. Chesterfield, Missouri real estate typically sells for about the same price as Wildwood real estate; however, since the population of Chesterfield is about double that of Wildwood, there are more houses available. Whatever you are searching for, a real estate agent can help you find, whether it be in Chesterfield or Wildwood, Missouri.